Healthcare Training


Healthcare Training Services
In 2002 The Ministry of Health of Ghana recommended that the West End Hospital be considered for accreditation as a Training Centre for specialist healthcare staff.

Currently the hospital is a Training Centre for Nursing Training Colleges in the Country including The Kumasi Nursing Training College, Mampong Midwifery Training School, Tamale Nursing Training College and other Private Nursing Training Institutions in Kumasi.

Attachment Programmes
Periodically Nurses & Doctors from aborad e.g. from Germany, the United Kingdom and from Teaching Hospitals in Ghana including the Korle Bu Teaching Hospital and the University of Development Studies come for attachment programmes at the hospital.

The training staff consists of a mixture of experienced healthcare trainers and voluntary staff from abroad, this ensures students benefit from expertise from developed countries which no doubt enhance their awareness and develop their skills.Upon completion of their courses the health care personnel join private health organizations and also non-governmental Organisations (NGOs) in public health and community healthcare.


West End Hospital provides the training curriculum for all members of staff to improve services by keeping staff abreast with current technologies and treatments and also advancement in healthcare delivery.

The hospital aims to produce health personnel who have a thorough understanding of patient care, ethics of healthcare delivery and are professionally outstanding through practical training.