Out-Patient Services

The hospital operates a laboratory service that runs from 9-5pm everyday. Its stock of ultramodern equipment allows the lab to provide reliable, prompt clinical laboratory services to both in and out patients with very short waiting times.

The lab is manned by highly qualified laboratory technologists and assistants. The Laboratory is committed to leadership in pathology and diagnostic practice by maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and adhering to a stringent code of ethical medical practice and technical excellence.

The lab maintains strict confidentiality with regard to patient records and all patient information are only available to the patient and those directly involved in the healthcare of the patient have access to the information.

West End Hospital has a fully stocked pharmacy to compliment the hospital. The pharmacy provides over the counter dispensing services as well as prescription services for the outpatients.

Our pharmacists are highly qualified and provide quality patient care. These include medication reviews, information and advise on drugs and clear instructions for taking medications.

Accident and Emergency
This is a fully equipped 24hour functional emergency room that provides initial treatment to patients with a broad spectrum of illnesses including life-threatening injuries and acute illnesses injuries prior to admission or transfer to other specialist referral centres.

The emergency room has defibrillators, patient monitory equipment, central oxygen, intravenous lines and fluids together with various emergency drugs. An ECG machine and a portable ultrasound scan complete the set up.

The A&E and its staff routinely handle and treat patients with acute or exacerbations of chronic respiratory diseases including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases. Basic life support systems are also available for emergencies.

The A& E is where Patients with major trauma or multiple injuries are stabilized before referral to other specialist hospitals. The Staff at the A&E are highly skilled with specialist training in emergency medicine and operate around the clock.