Exterior view of Westmead Hospital

Westend Hospital

Research & Education

Westend Hospital has a large research and teaching program which enjoys a national and international reputation. The organisation has a strong commitment to research and teaching as advances in medical, nursing and other research contribute directly to improved patient outcomes.

The Research and Education Network (REN) has been established to provide governance and nurturing of research and teaching within Westend Hospital. The Network aims to provide the right environment for the fostering of innovation in research and teaching. Our team is dedicated to supporting research and teaching staff to establish their projects/programs, to negotiate adequate space and facilities, to navigate required processes, and to help establish and support the growth of research and teaching through effective IT, human resources management and financial infrastructure support.

Research and teaching in Westend Hospital will continue to flourish thanks to the boundless energy of our researchers and teachers and the dedication of the staff who support them.

As part of the Westmead Hospital redevelopment plan, the Westend Hospital Research and Education Network administration offices have relocated to the old Millennium Instutute building, adjacent to the Westmead Hospital Education and Conference Centre. The REN building houses the Research Office, ETS Nursing and Midwifery Education Services, and REN finances, executive and administration.

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